Héctor Colón

CEO, Speaker, Author & Founder of
The Champ Institute

Héctor Colón helps up-and-coming, ambitious leaders gain grace under fire by customizing a leadership strategy that will empower their teams and scale their success.

Héctor’s keynote will help you become a champion in your life
and career by living out the following virtues:


Overcoming fear with confidence rooted in self-belief and preparedness.


Choosing to place others first, accepting failures, and ask when you need help.


Exhibiting self-control and restraint; not impulsively reacting to things in a way that could jeopardize your life, relationships or career.


Striving for greatness, even in the face of difficulty. It is a belief in yourself and the uncompromising commitment through daily habits, rituals and routines to strive to be the best you can be.


Overcoming resistance and confronting challenges, adversity, and loss – Don’t give up champ!

From Boxing Ring to Board Room

My Journey from Boxing Ring to Boardroom

Héctor’s dynamic business memoir details a lifetime of overcoming adversity.

Are you ready to learn how to roll with life’s punches/Challenges?

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Hector Colon Keynote Speaker Video

Far more than a business memoir, From Boxing Ring to Boardroom follows Héctor Colón from his challenged childhood through his international boxing success to his current position as CEO of one of the Midwest’s largest non-profit organizations. Learn about Hector’s actionable and powerful approach to living and leading. His compelling story will resonate with leaders, entrepreneurs, young people and those looking for hope in an ever changing and challenging world. This presentation will bring out the champion in you!

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