How to build culture, lead, and grow during COVID

The GoGedders Podcast

Hector Colon, CEO of Lutheran Social Services (LSS), was set to have another great year in 2020. But after COVID hit, projections predicted a loss of $3.6M if the company didn’t make drastic changes. After a few difficult decisions to adapt and pivot, LSS is once again set to have another profitable year with Colon at the helm.

M3 Insurance is the largest independent broker in Wisconsin, and is ranked in the top 50 nationally. Led by Mike Victorson, the company also had to adapt and make major adjustments in their previously high-touch, face-to-face business.

They’ve shifted how they work internally and serve their customers, recently launching a COVID-19 Business Resources Portal to the public. The portal provides tips, articles, and varied resources to help companies and individuals with culture, community, safety, work environments, and management.

On this week’s podcast, I was joined by CEOs Mike Victorson and Hector Colon to talk about the struggles they faced when COVID hit. We’ll discuss how they’ve managed to lead their organizations, how to keep morale up, and how to adapt and build culture in this new normal. They’ll also give advice for job seekers, and offer a few tips for companies looking to continue building culture as the pandemic evolves.

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