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5 virtues for life and leadership that will bring out the Champion in you.

There are five essential virtues that influenced Héctor Colón’s path from being bullied – to the boxing ring – to the boardroom. These virtues have transformed him into the person and leader he is today. You are sure to be moved by Héctor’s provocative, touching and inspirational story. And you too will learn and explore how the 5 essential virtues can bring out the champion in you and those that surround you allowing you to do something that is honorable and remarkable.

5 virtues that will bring out the Christ and Champion in you.

Courage, humility, temperance, magnanimity, and perseverance are virtues that scripture, ancient philosophers, and theologians mention as essential to growth and holiness.

In this keynote speech you will learn how you can apply these virtues to bring out the champion and Christ in you while giving you the guidance to expand your apostolate.

Turnaround – A Non-Profit Success Story

Héctor Colón will outline the framework he and his team used to move the dial at Lutheran Social Services, which experienced a 10-year period of deficits, increased debt and little or no raises. The organization has achieved a $18 million-dollar turnaround, invested millions in our colleagues and served our clients with over 90% quality and satisfaction.

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