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Héctor Colón is available for entertaining and insightful speaking engagements for your next event, in-person or virtually. Speeches will be tailored to feel personal for your business or organization. To check availability and costs, please submit the form below with specifics of your event.

My Journey from Boxing Ring to Boardroom

Listen as Héctor Colón shares the story of his life, beginning with his challenging childhood and his introduction to the boxing ring. Follow the path to his Olympic trial fight, his rediscovery of God, his education and his career trajectory to his present-day CEO role for a major nonprofit organization. Be entertained by the anecdotes and be moved by the stories, as only Héctor can tell them. Book purchase required.

5 Virtues for Life and Leadership + Servant Leadership

Understand the 5 virtues – Perseverance, Magnanimity, Temperance, Humility and Courage – and how you can apply them to your personal and professional life. Hector will discuss his daily schedule and share meaningful guidance for daily applications of these guiding virtues. Listeners will enjoy his anecdotes and practical advice for a life of meaning, engagement and powerful business and personal results.

Social Services Turnaround – A Non-profit Success Story

Héctor Colón will outline the methodology he and his team used to move the dial at Lutheran Social Services over a 3-year period from a legacy of debt and relatively low donation levels to a vibrant and results-oriented organization delivering better service experiences for clients and better work experiences for employees. He’ll touch on the management of the COVID-19 crisis and how their work environment allowed them to be nimble and stay connected to their donor base despite the challenges of the times.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the book, I hope to inspire others who may have faced similar challenges. I want anyone who has faced challenges to find meaningful lessons and hope in the pages and stories of my life. With my focus on what I call the “5 Virtues of Life and Leadership,” anyone can change their own story and achieve personal and often professional success.

 Meditations during the day don’t have to require a big block of time; in fact, they should be consistent and frequent throughout the day to absorb and react to events that occur over the course of a day, regardless of your profession. Whether positive or negative, I find opportunities throughout the day to stop and think about things – a difficult situation or welcome news, for example. I examine my actions and reactions and analyze how to improve. I believe that you can find these times throughout even the busiest day and ingrain them into how you live.

I try to live the best life I can. As a Servant Leader, I put the health and wellbeing of my team first. I have empathy and gratitude for the work they do. Living virtues and values that bring others closer to me as a role model allows me to reach others without talking about God. Definitely as the president and CEO of a faith-based organization, it is easier for me to mention God at work because we pray before meetings and it feels “normal.” But in all of my interactions I am selective and careful about how I discuss my faith. Mostly I want people to choose to see the good things about me.

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